Who Is Shanon Greef?

Shanon Greef is a modern herbalist, dedicated mother, fearless scuba diver, insightful marine ecologist, and an unrelenting survivor. Her profound bond with nature and fervor for holistic wellbeing and learning fuels her desire to share her expertise and wisdom.

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My name is Shanon Greef and I'm committed to enlightening others about the potency of wild herbs, the richness of indigenous knowledge, the principles of natural health, and the indomitable strength of resilience.


With every passing year, my passion for the natural world has grown, slowly shaping me into a person deeply attuned to the intricate web of life. These early interactions with the environment did not just lay the foundation for my professional pursuits, but also prepared me for the life-altering challenges that were yet to come.

Shanon Greef / Author

Early Years - A Quest Into the Natural World

Shanon's early beginnings took root in South Africa, where the raw beauty of nature first captivated Shanon's heart and mind. This sense of connection was strongly nurtured and encouraged by her own family.


Just like a seed blossoming under the nurturing rays of the sun, Shanon's fascination with her environment was nourished and cultivated through engaging outdoor activities.


She leads groups in identifying and foraging wild plants, exploring marine life, and understanding the delicate balance of the natural ecosystem.

But as Shanon was diving deeper into her studies, life threw a brutal curveball her way. She was diagnosed with melanoma, a development as daunting as a storm cloud on the horizon.


Medical professionals handed her a six-month timeline, an ominous prediction that would have unnerved the stoutest of hearts.


Yet, Shanon didn't falter. In the face of this trial, she demonstrated a courage that would become the cornerstone of her incredible journey.

Toward Health and Wellness

Life may have landed a harsh blow, but Shanon was determined to prove her doctors wrong. She endured multiple surgeries, fought the disease with every fiber of her being, and twice, the physicians' predictions faltered.


It was in these trying times that Shanon began to see the world in a new light. She felt a burgeoning sense of power surge within her, realizing that the reins to her destiny were firmly in her hands.


This revelation spurred her to delve into alternative healing methods, to seek solace and strength in the natural world that she had always loved.

She began to experiment with herbs, understand their medicinal properties, and practice meditation. Her interests took a turn towards the ocean, leading her to explore the captivating domain of marine ecology.


It was as if she was reborn, her life a canvas onto which she could paint her dreams and ambitions, free from the constraints and limitations that others tried to impose.


Years of trial and discovery crystallized into a deep appreciation for the power of nature. She adopted a natural approach to healthcare, leaning on homemade remedies and harnessing the healing properties of herbs.


Her life became a testament to the power of resilience, an inspiring narrative of overcoming adversity with courage and determination.

Almost two decades after her fight began, Shanon is not just a survivor but a beacon of hope and wisdom. She channels her experience and insights into writing, hoping to guide others toward a life that is in harmony with nature.


She dreams of a world where people embrace a holistic and empowered lifestyle, drawing strength and inspiration from the world around them.

Shanon's exploration of indigenous recipes and her intimate understanding of nature have also spurred her to venture into entrepreneurship.


Today, she manufactures her own cosmetics, each product a reflection of her journey, imbued with her wisdom and respect for the natural world. She shares these unique products with the world, proving that one can indeed transform the darkest trials into radiant triumphs.



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