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Ingrid B.

What I enjoy the most is how essential oils, leaves, roots etc., are used in healing. I am not fond of pharmaceuticals anymore and just want to continue learning of holistic solutions. Ancient Remedies are the absolute best.

Sandra S.

I love it. Having natural remedies is important for me and my family.

Gina M.

I love it!! I am certified in the use of Essential Oils, so this goes well with my therapies. I did Medical Massage for 12 years and used essential oils and herbal remedies for all of my clients...based on their particular needs. You do a GREAT job with your work and recipes.


I LOVE your book! Have a blessed day!😊

Pam E.

Hello, I am so very happy to see my book I received from you. The information is very helpful. Thanks so much.



I was just using your book today to make the turmeric milk drink with ginger, cardamom, pepper, and coconut oil. It was delicious! I made a double batch so I can have more later.

I love the recipes in the book, and I also like the list of health benefits for each herb.

Even more than that, I am the lucky recipient of frequent emails giving valuable information about a variety of health concerns/remedies. I also enjoy my FaceBook feed, on which I receive videos containing helpful information.


My purchase of your book (which was actually a gift to me for Christmas) is like the gift that keeps on giving.

Much appreciated.

Larry M.

I think it’s amazing. I gave it for Christmas gifts this year!

Sarah C.

I love the diversity of plants. There are many books out right now but they all seem to cover the same 80 plants. There is just so much more in this book. There are fairly good pictures to identify the plants. There are good descriptions for uses and dosages.


I am very happy with the book and even bought a second one to give my daughter in law.

William L.

I'm very happy with the information this book has and I'm still reading it with surprises in every page.

John S.

Great Book, immediately became my go-to. I thought I knew about natural remedies but the book blew me out of the water! So easy yet so filled with useful information.


Best thing is it came in 3 days Faster than expected. Thanks and keep spreading the message.

Melissa W.

I bought 'Ancient Remedies Revived' out of curiosity and ended up learning a lot. The author does a good job of explaining the context behind each remedy. While I haven't tried the remedies yet, the book is well-written and science-backed.

Kellie D.

I've only gotten through half of it but everything I've read is my favorite so I'm sure the rest of the book will be my fave too.


Received my book and found it to be most helpful! I love the recipes!! Have already made up a couple!

Carolyn M.


Camill C.

I have only glanced through the book and it's what I was looking for !!! I have always looked to home remedies first before modern medicine and I'm excited to get started on my 2024 goal to plant my garden with some of the plants that help: colds, sore throats, inflammation.

I am looking forward to Ancient Remedies as my go to reference book!

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